Hauge Aqua signs contract with Marine Harvest for development of the closed-containment technology “The Egg”

Press release February 11th, 2016:

Hauge Aqua signs contract with Marine Harvest for development of the closed-containment technology The Egg

Marine Harvest and Hauge Aqua signs joint venture contract for development and testing of unique closed-containment technology launched by Hauge Aqua AS.

- We are incredibly proud that Marine Harvest finds our new technology attractive and that they are willing to commit in a joint project like this. To our team this is a great inspiration, it eases our way forward and represents a unique opportunity to succeed, says Cato Lyngøy, founder in Hauge Aqua AS.

Behind “The Egg”and Hauge Aqua stands a solid team of professionals, among those Mundal Group ( www.mundal.no). Hauge Aqua launched the innovative closed-containment salmon farming concept named «The Egg»at AquaNor 2015.

Today, Hauge Aqua signs a development agreement with the world’s leading salmon farming company Marine Harvest. The agreement involves the financial support, a step-by step approach including full scale testing of The Egg if the technology performs according to expectation. Subject to the agreement, Marine Harvest applies for 14 development concessions, an instrument established by the Norwegian Government to fuel investment into major technology shifts in the industry. 

- We have seen a substantial rise in production costs the last years. This is mainly due to sea lice and escapees. This concept is very exciting. If we succeed, today’s challenges with sea lice and escapees will be history. Simultaneously, this lays the foundation for a sustainable growth along the coast, says CEO of Marine Harvest ASA, Alf-Helge Aarskog.

The Egg is robust and can fit into any typical Norwegian salmon farm. It aims to overcome biological and environmental challenges in areas where the industry operates today. The potential for aquaculture in the sheltered coast of Norway is by far utilised. However, further growth is depending on industry resolving current issues with sea lice and escapees. The Egg provides the foundation for further sustainable growth in the salmon farming industry while reducing the environmental footprint. 

- We target to offer a real and competitive alternative to the salmon farmers. This entails a simpler, cost-effective and more sustainable way than conventional cage culture.  Marine Harvest is leading the blue revolution. Adding their financial strength and in-depth competence empowers the project in so many ways. What is left is for us is to deliver, says Cato Lyngøy, technology director in Hauge Aqua AS. 

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Cato Lyngøy, technology director Hauge Aqua AS
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Press Officer Marine Harvest ASA
+47 481 89 900

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