Human Capital & Partners

Hauge Aqua is proud to present our partners. They have been instrumental in the process of developing the technology to this stage. All of them represent a crucial component to the project as it stands today, and will also do so going forward.

  1. Mundal Group represented by Atle Landro and Vidar Aasgård. Engineering, strategy, and marketing. Read more at
  2. Maritime Engineering AS represented by Nils Landro. Construction, development, calculations and testing. Read more at
  3. Haltenbanken AS represented by Truls Indrearne. Visual profiling, web design, marketing and communication. Read more at
  4. Per Finne Design represented by Per Finne. Industrial design. Read more at
  5. Kreativside represented by Tor Magnus Hillestad. Video animation. Read more at
  6. Ewa Consulting represented by Erlend Waatevik. Feed, feeding and cost analysis.
  7. Nesbø Energi & Strategi represented by Ove Taranger Nesbø and Miriam F. Nesbø. Strategy and communication.
  8. Nils Ove Hauge, Diploma Engineer. Fluid mechanics.

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