Sustainable Food Production in Africa

Hauge Aqua envisions the building of sustainable food production through aquaculture in Lake Tanganyika.
Apart from establishing our own business, we believe in alleviating poverty through introducing fish farming to local entrepreneurs

Hauge Aqua’s engagement in Africa is a social solidarity project on commercial terms. We work in Burundi and neighbour countries and have a five year renewable Memorandum of Understanding with Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock from 2013.

Burundi is among the top five countries on the United Nations Global Hunger Index . 58 per cent of children are malnourished and 2/3 of the population does not have food security.

Burundians are a very friendly and gentle people, their hilly country is stunningly beautiful and it is rich in resources. Among the many resources are plenty of freshwater. 8 per cent of of the Northwest end of Lake Tanganyika is located in Burundi. Lake Tanganyika is the second largest freshwater body in the world after Lake Baikal. It is 680 kilometres long and 80 kilometres wide with an average depth of more than 400 metres. The temperature is favourable for tilapia farming and the many rivers and streams can provide good opportunity for pond farming.

Lake Tanganyika is oligotrophic and also a wildlife treasure in terms of over 400 unique and indigenous species. Preservation of the pristine Lake Tanganyika is high on the agenda for all of the riparian states. Hence, development of sustainable fish farming must adhere to strict environmental standards.

Hauge Aqua and Micro Finance (see are sister-companies. We work together in Burundi and we commit to the same of empowering the productive poor.

Hauge Aqua believe that teaching local men and women the art of aquaculture is truly a way out of poverty for thousands, as well as providing food on the table for many families.

Hauge Aqua’s East Africa activity will be financed and separated from the activity in Norway.


The Five Year Plan

Part of the MoU was to carry out a pre-project that was to map natural resources, competency and markets for establishing tilapia farming. We submitted our five-year plan for the implementation of aquaculture in Burundi in October 2014.

Lake Tanganyika Authority ( is a cross-national authority for the governing of the lake. LTA has granted Hauge Aqua the right to farm Lake Tanganyika’s tilapia species (Oreochromis tanganicae) subject to conducting a social and environmental impact assessment.

Great Lakes District in East Africa has waste potential for aquaculture. The East African Community has a population of 400 million people and fish is in rising demand.

We strongly believe Norwegian expertise in all aspects of building the aquaculture sector and value chain can make an enormous difference when invested in emerging markets. The competence that is needed is also very diverse, from technology, biology and fish health on one hand to distribution, sales, finance and energy on the other.


Hauge Aqua has therefore taken the initiative to start Aquaculture Initiative Norway Africa (AINA) which is an informal competency network. AINA is open to new members with represented to people who have interest or business in East Africa.

The people behind AINA are


Halvor Kittelsen and Svein Martinsen from Morefish AS. They bring Practical farming of tilapia, eco-technology, research- and project management to the table

Professor Trond Storebakken NMBU (Norwegian University of Life Sciences)is a specialist in fish nutrition focusing in low cost and high performance feed for tilapia

Arne Sylta from Hauge Micro Finance has a wide Network in Burundi, as well as knowledge and experience concerning banking and finance, entrepreneurship and business training

Øystein M Falch is an economist and has many years of experience in tilapia farming, financing, acquisitions, business development and project management

Frank Karlsen is the Co-owner and adviser in Oslofjord Ressurspark AS and a Professor in Microbiology at HBV (University College of Buskerud og Vestfold). He is a multi-entrepreneur, and has expertise in African thinking and culture

Cato Lyngøy from Hauge Aqua is a Veterinarian, has 25 years in the salmon farming industry. Management within sustainability, biology, fish health, and cost-effective farming of fish.







Due to political instability in Burundi, the Hauge Aqua project has come to a temporary pause. Hauge Aqua is committed to our partners in Burundi and will resume our progress as soon as possible. Our project is still in its early stages.

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